April 19, 2022

Increased number of sections and blocks within templates

Based on your feedback, we've updated the number of sections and blocks you can add within an online store template. You can now add up to 25 sections per template, and 50 blocks per section within each template. Although Shopify supports a higher number of sections and blocks per template, your specific theme or a developer you work with may prescribe lower limits.

This will support customizations like:
* Adding more blocks to an FAQ section
* Adding multiple ‘profile’ sections on the About Us page
* Creating multiple areas of focus on the homepage
* Section and blocks support for very large collections

Increasing the number of sections and blocks on a template alone will not impact the speed of your storefront, however, using video and high resolution images in each section and block may have an impact.

To add new sections visit Online Store > Customize > Add Section > Add Block.

Learn more about section and block limits in the Shopify Help Center..