February 28, 2023

Improved variant display

The newly redesigned variant list display improves the speed and discoverability of variant configured products and inventory lookup. Key pre-purchase workflows are more efficient and streamlined to surface features when helping customers make buying decisions.

What's New
Variant configurations help organize products that have multiple definitions like color and size. To help staff find and reference the right item quickly, variant products are now displayed with variant images to help staff visually scan a list of options. New variant option filters help staff narrow down their search using the Filter button. A search bar is also available for staff when lists have > 10 option values. If a variant is sold out at one location, using filters helps staff compare availability of the chosen option value across locations without drilling into each individual product variant.

Product Variant Metafields now display in POS
Staff looking up product metafields can now view variant metafields. Variant metafields are defined in Admin and are now displayed in POS to provide additional information about the variant such as size, color or material. Use this view to provide additional details to customers or to access a link to the online store.