April 27, 2023

Fast track affiliate sales on Shopify Collabs by joining Collabs Network

Shopify Collabs has released a new, low-friction way for merchants and creators to work together.

The Collabs Network allows merchants to share their products and brand profiles with all verified Collabs creators. To opt in, merchants set an instant commission offer on either all products or at the collection level, which will be shared with all Collabs creators who complete Collabs Network onboarding. Merchants can also opt into receiving program applications from Collabs Network creators.

Collabs Network is available to all merchants who have installed Collabs and meet the below criteria:
1. Have completed brand profile set up
2. Have opted into Automatic-Payments
3. Have made a minimum of $10K in sales over the past 365 days
4. Are not a dropshipping store

Collabs Network is currently available for merchants to join, and will launch to creators soon.

Learn more about Collabs Network in the Shopify Help Center.