July 14, 2023

Enhanced Visibility on Shopify Protect Protection Status

We're excited to introduce a new feature in the Admin API that allows you to view the protection status of your Shop Pay orders. Now, each order will display one of three statuses: 'Protection Active', 'Protected', or 'Not Protected'.

By providing a clear view of your orders' protection status in the Admin API, we're empowering you to make more informed decisions. You can now easily track the number of orders for each protection status, helping you understand the value Shop Pay brings to your business.

This increased transparency will also allow you to avoid redundant costs. If you're already benefiting from Shop Pay's protection, there's no need to pay for additional protection from another provider.

Stay informed and save smartly with this latest Shop Pay feature update. Enjoy enhanced order protection visibility for better decision-making.

Learn more about the Shopify Protect API on Developer changelog.