June 21, 2023

Enhanced sales tax reports now available for monthly filers

Shopify Tax’s enhanced sales tax report is available just in time for next month’s tax filing. If you’ve ever filed sales tax in the US, you’ve probably had to spend hours or even days getting your data into the right format. The United States sales tax report, available exclusively for merchants using Shopify Tax, makes it easier than ever with state-level reports. Select the state you’re filing in, and you’ll be able to review your gross and taxable sales data broken down by county, city, and special tax jurisdiction. With this report, you’ll find the information you need to complete your sales tax filing directly in the Shopify admin.

As of today, monthly reports are available for orders completed on or after June 1, 2023. Try it out today by visiting the United States tax settings page, or access it from the Reports section of your Shopify admin.

If you only file quarterly or annually, stay tuned for another update before your next filing period. Details and guidance are available in the Shopify Help Center.