March 20, 2023

Discount display improvements for POS

This update introduces 4 POS discount improvements making it easier for staff to access, apply, and view discount details during the checkout process.

New updates include:

A new Discounts section has been added to More actions, so staff can find and apply active discount codes more quickly.

Apply discount code will now only display Recently used active codes, making it faster to find and apply current discount codes.

When applying a custom discount, Title has been renamed to Reason for discount. With this change, the purpose of this text field will be more clear and prompt staff to contribute more accurate and useful discount data.

Improvements have been made to how discounts are displayed once applied. When viewing the customer’s cart, a new discount icon will now be displayed, giving staff visual confirmation that a discount was applied to the item. Improved discount description and discount value will now also be displayed next to the discount icon, so staff can see discount details at a glance.

Learn more about Discounts for POS in the Shopify Help Center