July 26, 2023

Decrease customer acquisition costs by up to 50% with Shopify Audiences

We’re releasing Shopify Audiences v2.0, our latest version of the product powered by our most advanced algorithms to date. With this update we see merchants achieving up to 50% lower cost of acquisition on their paid ads.

Shopify Audiences is a powerful tool that leverages constantly improving algorithms to optimize your ad performance. Shopify has access to millions of purchase intent signals, from buyer awareness all the way through to actual purchase. Shopify Audiences’ algorithms analyze this breadth of data and predict the buyers who are most likely to purchase from your specific brand based on behavioral patterns, making it possible to target and convert buyers at a lower cost.

More on the algorithms

The Shopify Audiences data science team launches multiple algorithms regularly in search of the model that will maximize your conversion and minimize your cost to purchase ad impressions (CPM).

The Shopify Audiences team discerns which models best optimize advertising performance through experimentation. Custom audience lists are generated using several algorithms. Shopify tracks which customers convert, which is then mapped back to which algorithm placed that customer in the audience list. The “winning” algorithms are the ones whose submitted set of customers included the highest proportion of conversions.

Our newest algorithms as of July 2023 “won” against all preceding algorithms that have been used for Shopify Audiences. A step change in performance has been hit, and we’re excited for you to try Shopify Audiences v2.0!