January 27, 2022

Dawn 3.0.0 released

Dawn’s latest release introduces new customization options that bring you significantly more flexibility to achieve your desired look and feel.

* A new extensive suite of global theme style settings to let you customize global theme elements like buttons and cards to define the overall look and feel of your store.
* New slideshow section lets you display content in a slideshow format. Use it to feature promotions, or as a jumping point to different collections.
* New Collapsible Content section lets you add content to your pages using a layout composed of collapsible rows. It’s ideal to build a Frequently Asked Questions page, or add a section with secondary information to your product pages.
* New color scheme setting is added on various sections, letting you define the color scheme on those sections.
* New top and bottom padding settings are added on most sections, letting you define the amount of padding to add at the top and bottom of those sections.
* Support for app blocks is added to the featured product section.

* Important: Dawn no longer includes the Craft preset. If you’re interested in achieving the Craft look, you may install the new Craft theme.

* The page width layout setting that lets you set the maximum width of your online store pages on a large screen has been updated to offer a range from 1000px to 1600px.

Learn more about how to express your brand with Dawn through our updated documentation.