September 14, 2021

Dawn 2.1.0 released

*? Feature enhancements *
* Updates on the blog post hover animation.
* A page width wrapper to the rich text section.
* Descriptions default to true for a collection.
* Improvements for accessibility.
* Published date format on blog posts to include the day, month, and year.
* And more!

*? Bug fixes *
* Fixed image quality in product modal.
* Fixed inconsistency issues about the add to cart error messaging.
* Fixed issues where elements, such as buttons, appeared above the menu slider and password modal.
* Fixed line item content spacing on larger screens.
* Added scroll margin for login pages.
* And more!

The new release is available both on the theme store and on Github.

Merchants who already use Dawn and remain on their upgrade path will see their theme updated automatically this week.