April 21, 2023

Custom storefronts on Hydrogen are now supported on Collabs

With the Collabs app, you can use personalized affiliate links that automatically apply discounts codes during checkout. This is now available for custom storefronts built on Hydrogen.

If you're using a custom storefront, then you need to meet the following requirements to use personalized affiliate links:

Sending page view events - The Collabs app uses the same tracking data as the Shopify admin, so your custom storefront needs to send Shopify analytics.
Handling URL redirects - The Collabs app uses your online store URL redirects to create personalized links.
Handling the /discount route - The Collabs app uses the /discount route to automatically apply discount codes for customers.
Change affiliate links domain - After you meet the requirements to set up personalized affiliate links for your custom storefront, you can change your affiliate links domain.

Learn more about setting up personalized affiliate links for custom storefronts in the Collabs app here