February 29, 2024

Checkout Draft orders in POS

You can now create, send, retrieve, edit, save and checkout draft Orders in POS without requiring access to admin. With this improvement, draft orders have become a powerful in-person selling tool, allowing sales associates to create an order on behalf of customers to be completed at a later time.

The functionality of draft orders has been extended in order to support Draft orders seamlessly moving across multiple devices, locations and sales channels, creating a more efficient and decreasing cart abandonment and incompletion of open Draft orders.

To create a draft order for a customer, build the cart and then tap the More actions button to Save as a draft order.

To edit the draft order, find the draft in the Orders tab, then tap Edit or Check out. From here you can edit the products in the cart and check out. If the customer wants to save the edited draft order again, tap the trash icon > Save changes.

Learn more about Draft orders in the Shopify Help Center.