July 06, 2022

Changes to SMS Shipping notifications

Shopify is limiting the options for shipping notifications to the contact method used by a customer during checkout, which can be either SMS or Email, not both. Starting July 6, this change will be incrementally rolling out to all stores.

What is changing?
Customers checking out with email will no longer have the option to get SMS notifications. Customers checking out with only a phone number will still receive SMS notifications at this time.

In your Shopify Admin settings, you will no longer have the option to select “SMS or Email” in the Customer Contact Method section. This change will be automatically applied to your store and is rolling out to all Shopify merchants.

What are the alternatives?
If you wish to continue using SMS for your shipping updates, then visit the Shopify App Store and connect with one of our SMS partners who offer best-in-class SMS automation offerings.