November 13, 2020

Carbon-neutral BFCM shopping

This year, Shopify is paying to offset all carbon emissions from the delivery of every single order placed on our platform during the BFCM weekend. No matter how many packages you ship or how far they're going—we'll offset the carbon emissions of each shipment at no cost to you.

This initiative ends after BFCM, but we are committed to sustainability year-round. Shopify always offsets the carbon emissions of all orders made with Shop Pay. You can also download the Offset app and opt-in to offset carbon emissions for all deliveries from your Shopify store.

Learn more about how and why we're offsetting shipping emissions this BFCM from the Shopify Blog.

Learn more about Offset from the Shopify Help Center, and carbon offsets for orders placed through Shop Pay from Shop Help.