May 31, 2022

3 new Inbox features to help you better track important conversations

It’s now easier for you to keep track of important conversations.

Quickly manage your conversations with new navigation and shortcuts
* Tap the menu icon to access the nav, or swipe from the edge to switch filters.
* Swipe or tap-and-hold shortcuts on the conversation list to close/reopen a conversation, or assign to a staff member.

Keep your Inbox tidy so you can easily find customers who require your attention
* When you’re done with a conversation, you can tap the open icon to close it.
* If a customer messages you again, the conversation will re-open and show in your Open filter.
* Within a conversation, you can now view its status– open/closed, assignment, and whether a customer is online.

Improved support setting up and testing your notifications
* Better guidance on how your device settings can impact delivery of push notifications.
* New feature to test push notifications on your device, so you can be ready when a customer messages you

Learn more about Shopify Inbox from the Shopify Help Center.