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Product recommendation API available to Plus merchants

We’re thrilled to share that we’re beta testing a product recommendations API that returns smart recommendations for the product page. This is released as a JSON API for our Plus merchants and Plus Partners, bundled with reporting for the performance of this feature.

With the product recommendations API, smart recommendations are shown on the store's product pages. This helps customers discover more products with a better browsing experience, and boosts sales.

Other features:

  • Real-time native reporting: Understand product recommendation trends and performance with native analytics in real-time, alongside the rest of the sales and conversion data within Shopify.
  • Smarter recommendations with less investment: Shopify’s AI algorithm uses the store’s data to provide smarter recommendations based on product descriptions and customer behavior.
  • Storefront customization flexibility: Customize the look and feel of the product recommendations on the store.

Learn more about the product recommendations API from the Shopify Help Center.

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